Training Services

General Information
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We limit the number of dogs that we train for clients to ensure that the clients dogs get the attention and training that they need, but also to ensure that our dogs get the training they deserve. Please keep in mind that all dogs learn at different rates, or may have had more or less done with them prior to being dropped off for their training. Bird fee’s can vary depending on the time of year and the availability. Dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations, heartworm preventative and flea/tick preventative. If the dog needs medical attention, the costs will be billed to the owner. Attempts will be made to contact the owner for any medical attention the dog requires, but in the case of an emergency, Zig Zags Pointing Labs will take the dog to our veterinarian for medical treatment.

Puppy Basics ($350/month, bird cost not included)
You pick your puppy, we will raise and train the puppy for you. Your puppy must be paid for in full by the age of 7 weeks. This program is offered on a very limited basis, so as to provide plenty of individual attention for each puppy. The puppy will be well socialized, crate trained, introduced to water (weather permitting), introduced to gunfire and birds, and will have plenty of puppy retrieves. This program is charged on a monthly basis. If desired, your puppy can remain with us and move forward to the Gundog Basics at 6 months of age.

Gundog Basics ($450/month, bird cost not included)*
This training is provided to dogs 6 months of age or older. This training program will include basic obedience, trained retrieve (force fetch), and whoa (if your dog points naturally). Your dog will hunt the upland field knowing it is there to find birds. It will hold point (if your dog points), and will retrieve downed birds to hand. Also, your dog will perform basic land and water (weather permitting) retrieves. This process takes an average of 3 months, but varies depending on the dog. *Discount given for those dogs that were purchased from Zig Zags Pointing Labs.

Problem Solving
We will assist in problem solving with your dog. A phone consultation is recommended first. This is charged an hourly rate. If birds are used, the cost of the birds must be reimbursed.

Handling for Hunt Tests
We attend some hunt tests through the spring and fall, and can run client dogs. There is a handler’s fee of $50 for each test the dog runs.