Stud Service Contract

Contract for Stud Service
We are providing stud service for below stated female:
Name                                                                                     Registration # ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Owner of female                                                                    Phone # ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
E-mail address
First sign of heat (date) ________________         Date due to whelp __________________
Dates bred________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________
Stud used                                                                            Stud Fee

The following contract is understood and agreed upon by both parties.

A deposit of $150 is to be received from the owner of the female at the time she is dropped off for breeding. This deposit will be applied to the total stud fee. The remaining balance of the stud fee is due within 10 days after the female whelps. Stud confirmation for AKC litter registration (whether online or paper copy) will not be completed until stud fee has been paid in full. The stud owners reserve the right to receive a puppy (their pick of the litter) in lieu of the stud fee. If the stud owners choose to exercise this option, they must notify the owner of the female before the female whelps. If the owner of the female has received deposits for puppies prior to the stud owner’s notification (choice of a puppy in lieu of the stud fee), the stud owner will accept their position for pick of a puppy, behind the deposits already received for specific picks of gender and color.    If the stud owner believes it necessary to artificially inseminate (AI) the female, they will contact the owner of the female to explain and discuss this option. If both parties agree, the charges for AI will be paid to the stud owner when the female is picked up after breeding. Charges for doing an AI are $50 for each AI, and these charges are non-refundable.    If the female does not have a successful pregnancy resulting from this breeding, the stud owner will breed her to the same stud (or to one of our other comparable studs), applying the original deposit to the second breeding. If she does not have a successful pregnancy resulting from a second mating, the deposit is non-refundable.    If the female has four or less puppies, we will do a repeat breeding for half the stud fee. If the female whelps more than four puppies, but one or more of those puppies die, this is considered a successful breeding and the owner of the female will pay the full stud fee.

Owner of the Stud, Zig Zags Pointing Labs

Owner of the female