Health Guarantee

General Health Guarantee:
This puppy is sold on a three day trial basis. Within three days of pick up, delivery, or shipment to your location you may opt to have the puppy examined by your veterinarian. If dissatisfied with your puppy, and upon providing us with a written explanation from your veterinarian defining the medical condition, you may return the puppy for a replacement puppy, or a full refund of the purchase price with the following stipulations: (1) If a puppy out of the same litter, same gender, and same color is available we will replace the puppy rather than refund the purchase price. (2) The return of the puppy is required within three days of notifying us of your intent to return. (3) When returned, the puppy must be in the same condition as when picked up, delivered, or shipped to your location. Any evidence of neglect will result in the forfeiture of the option to receive a replacement puppy or a refund of the purchase price. (4) The purchaser of the puppy is responsible for all veterinary charges and shipping costs. (5) The sale of this puppy is considered final if we are not contacted within the initial three day trial period.

Hip Dysplasia:
This puppy is guaranteed to be free from hip dysplasia until 26 months of age if the stipulations listed below are met. The OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) will be the sole determiner.

Hereditary Eye Defects:
This puppy is guaranteed to be free from hereditary eye defects until 26 months of age if the stipulations listed below are met. A CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) certified veterinarian must confirm any hereditary eye defects.

Stipulations- To be covered by our guarantee the following stipulations apply:
1. The dog must not have sired or whelped a litter of puppies.
2. In the case of a puppy sold on an alteration agreement, failure by the owner to alter the animal within the agreed upon time period voids all guarantees.
3. The dog must be owned by the person/persons that originally purchased it from Tim and Charity Zeigler.
4. The dog must show no evidence of neglect, abuse, disease, fever, viral and bacterial build up, improper nutrition, injury or accidents contributing to non-genetic hip or eye defects.
5. “Zig-Zags” (represents Zig Zags Pointing Labs) must be used as part of the dog’s registered name.

Procedural Requirements- In the event of suspected hip dysplasia or suspected hereditary eye defects, please follow the procedural requirements below:
1. Notify us by phone, mail, or e-mail.
2. In the case of suspected hip dysplasia, submit the hip x-rays and/or animal to the veterinarian of our choice for evaluation, and if required to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for a final determination.
3. In the case of suspected hereditary eye defects, have the dog examined by a Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) certified veterinarian.
4. If any of the above find this dog to be dysplastic or affected with hereditary eye defects, submit to us a written statement from the appropriate veterinarian or from the OFA. We will provide a replacement puppy out of a comparable breeding.
5. To receive a replacement puppy, you must provide a vet certificate of the dog having been spayed or neutered. NOTE: We do not require the return of the original puppy purchased.

If any of the above procedural requirements and/or stipulations are violated this guarantee will become null and void. This guarantee includes, but is not limited to the stipulations (examples) listed above. We offer no other guarantees or warranties expressed or implied.

Tim or Charity Zeigler/Zig Zags Pointing Labs Date

Purchaser will be given two copies of this guarantee, he/she must sign both copies and return one to Zig Zags Pointing Labs with in 30 days of the date purchaser received the puppy. If Zig Zags Pointing Labs does not receive a copy with in the stated time frame, this contract is null and void.

Purchaser (by signing agrees to the terms of this guarantee) Date