About Us

DSC1_0001 (424) Family pic

We started our kennel in 1996, located in Colorado. We first heard of Pointing Labradors in 1997, when we acquired a son of Sir Hershey. After learning more about Pointing Labradors, we decided that we wanted to get more serious about breeding. We then began to put together a breeding program, as we acquired dog’s with exceptional pedigree’s.

In 1999, we moved from Colorado to Indiana. After our move, we decided that we were going to run our dogs in both AKC and APLA events. We now try to put both AKC and APLA titles on all of our breeding dogs. Tim and Charity have both individually trained and titled APLA Master Pointing Retrievers and AKC Senior Hunters! We both also judge all stakes of APLA hunt tests. We have learned so much from the people who share the interest in the dogs, and from the dogs themselves. We have educated ourselves in training, breeding, pedigree’s, and experience.

The beginning of 2006, we once again experienced a move. Tim’s work transferred him to Georgia. Tim went to Georgia to begin work in February, and to begin looking for a place for our family and kennel. Once we found a house, Tim began work of preparing a kennel for the dogs. From February until August of 2006, Charity and the boys stayed in South Dakota with family. The majority of the dogs (and our other animals!) also resided in South Dakota during this time. In August of 2006, Charity and the South Dakota crew made the trip down to Georgia.

In March of 2007, Tim was transferred to Wisconsin. Charity, the boys and most of the dogs stayed in Georgia while we were selling the house. We made the move to Wisconsin the beginning of October. We stayed in a rental while we looked for the right home for our family and our dogs. A year after Tim started work in Wisconsin, we finally moved into our new home! We have 20 acres to play and train dogs on, which also includes a 3-4 acre pond!

Our family is in many transitions at this time. Our oldest son (Zed) has been a Marine for almost two years now. Our youngest son (Alex) has graduated high school and now works at the Foundry here in Waupaca. Both of them have plans of attending college in the next couple of years. Tim enjoys the dogs and training, and plans to continue the program. Charity went back to college last year and is expected to earn her Vet Tech degree in the fall of 2016. Our lives are crazy busy!

1-8-17 Update- Tim and Charity are starting a new phase in our lives. Alex got married June of 2016 to Miranda. He now works at Sturms in Manawa, WI. Zed is deployed currently, expected to return this spring. He plans to go to college when he gets out of the Marines (later this year). Zed is engaged to Jordan, and they are expecting a baby girl in February- our first grandbaby! Tim will be with Gulfstream now for 10 years this year. Charity graduated in September and took her national exam in December, she is now a Certified Veterinary Technician. Charity will begin working at a veterinary clinic in Waupaca later in January. Tim and Charity both ride with a CMA chapter (Christian Motorcyclist Association), and are focusing their ministry with young adults. We will continue breeding and training dogs, but on a more limited basis, as we never want the dogs to just be a business. We will be down sizing the kennel, as we want to make sure that we are able to give the dogs the proper care and attention they deserve.

8-15-18 Update- Alex and Miranda now have Ice and Rip with them. They are working on starting their family. Alex works at Sturms still and is also working as a mechanic at Waupaca Truckstop. Zed and Jordan are now married and have two beautiful daughters. Zed’s family now lives in South Dakota, he is going to school there. Tim is still working at Gulfstream, and Charity is still working at the veterinary clinic in Waupaca. Tim and Charity are still very involved with CMA, and have worked at Sturgis now for 4 years. We hope to have the opportunity to become more involved with the ministry (CMA). We are working toward a goal of probably only having a handful of dogs for breeding purposes.